The Best Anniversary Gift For Her

Your anniversary with your wife is  a very special day. You have already been together for a year and are celebrating it with style. The way that you celebrate this day is not going to be a regular thing. You want to commemorate it and remember it forever. She is the one that makes everything worth your while, even all of those hard times.

She is special to you and deserves the whole world.

But what is it that makes the best anniversary gift for her? What can be done to show that this day is more important than any other in your life? The answer could be as simple as putting a lot of thought into choosing the right gift. You don’t want just anything, but something that comes from within your heart. This will make for an awesome experience in which she will never forget how much you love her.

You want to choose something beautiful or romantic like a piece of jewelry or even flowers for this occasion. If you really have nothing else, then at least flowers are acceptable because they are symbolic of your love and devotion to one another .

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way to remind her that you love her. It’s also a great way to get more into the act of pampering as well. You can even choose to use them on different parts of your body or hers so that it is sensual and intimate at the same time. As long as you take care in choosing what scent to use, then she will appreciate this thoughtful gift. There is nothing like being able to walk into her presence and have a sense of calm and peace come over you because of all those wonderful scents around you. Try the ones at Bubbly Belle essential oils.

Purchasing essential oils specifically for your anniversary next year will show how much foresight and planning you put into the whole thing when purchasing your gift this year.

Artwork that She Can Treasure

Another option is artwork. Not just any kind of artwork will do, but something that you have specifically chosen out to be her very own. You are going to want it to be something special, which means taking the time and effort in choosing that perfect piece for her. It should also reflect your relationship and show how much you value it. Try getting her a cat portrait.

Artwork is like jewelry in a sense because they both stand as symbols of love for those who hold them near and dear to their hearts. Besides this purpose, they can also be used as decorations now that she has it all framed up for everyone else to see.

Something Sensual

It wouldn’t hurt if you choose something sensual as your anniversary gift . This will show how much you appreciate the time that you have spent together so far and all that you are going to do in the future. Scents such as vanilla or cinnamon can offer a sense of calm for her senses.

Of course, don’t just stop at something like this. You could include other items with it such as a new set of sheets or even candles if she thinks they smell good. What is more sensual than Impervia Caviar?


Who doesn’t love chocolate? This is one of the best gifts that you can give to her. You don’t have to get something just any kind; it’s better if you know what he likes. Try the ones at Miiro.

Whenever she thinks about your anniversary, she will remember this gift every time and it will bring a smile to her face because of how genuine it was.

Soft Blanket

Another example would be soft blankets like the ones at Luna or even pajamas. There are so many things out there for couples who want to indulge in each other that they forget all about snuggling up together as one . Whatever makes both of them feel comfortable and happy is going to do wonders for their relationship during the night.

She is going to want something to wrap around her when she is cold; a soft blanket is the ideal thing for this occasion. Now, you don’t have to go out and buy some expensive blankets. Instead, simply find some that are comfortable and nice looking as well. This way it will also be something that can last longer than just one year .

And of course, do not forget to add your own personal touch by having a special message sewn into them somewhere . You could write it right on the inside or keep it hidden underneath one side of the blanket. In fact, why not call up about getting custom pillows and coordinating sheets made using your favorite quotes? These things will go along great with a romantic night of cuddling, talking and watching a movie.


Lastly, it wouldn’t hurt to get some nice jewelry like Adinas Jewels chain link bracelets for your special day as well. Women love jewelry; there is no way around it. She may not even know what she wants, but that’s going to be up to you in the end anyway. There are plenty of places out there where you can go so that you will be able to find something which will suit her needs and yours as well .

Remember that when you gift her with this kind of thing, it should reflect how much value is put into your relationship itself. You can never go wrong with getting some nice earrings, a necklace or an anklet bracelet for her birthday whenever the occasion rises.


Sometimes all she needs is some flowers from Venus Et Fleur . They are great for any kind of occasion and can usually brighten her days. This way you will be able to see how much that it means to have them there with her no matter what the situation may be. These are great to give to her in front of a crowded room or even the entire kitchen.

These don’t have to be expensive flowers. If you want, she can always grow them and they will last for longer than just one year. In fact, if you choose something like roses or daisies , this will allow both of you to enjoy them together for years down the road when other people may not be able to notice them as well .

Just remember that it’s the thought that counts most here. Make sure that whatever it is you choose is something special and shouldn’t break your bank; otherwise, then she won’t look at these gifts with much appreciation after all.


What better way to spend the night than by sitting down and listening to some music that you both can enjoy? This is going to be something that you will both remember for a long time provided you do it right. You don’t have to get anything in particular such as a CD or even an IPod. Just simply make a playlist on your phone from any of the genres which she likes best. Whether it is live music from Thrilling or from a store like uDiscoverMusic’s Official Online Store, you can’t go wrong.

These are just some of the suggestions out there for anniversary gifts for her; however, I’m sure that if you put your mind into it then anything is possible. A bakery gift box or fake plants will also do the trick. There are so many different items out there which will all work well depending on what she likes and how much money that you want to spend on this gift as well.