Vegan Snacks Your Family will Love

Balancing the needs of your family is a difficult task. And if your family isn’t used to eating vegan, asking them to change their formula can elicit a practically violent response. It doesn’t have to be as hard as it appears on the surface. As veganism has broken clear into the public consciousness, a wellspring of creative energy has been directed into new vegan bands. One of the biggest of these is Outstanding Foods. Their small but compelling collection of snacks deserves a spot in the pantry of any vegan family – or any family looking to add some vegan alternatives into their diet.

Formulas Built on Real Science

Vegan burgers have broken out in a big way, and Impossible and Beyond burgers shoulder for shelf space in some of the most well-known chain restaurants and trendiest eateries in the world. Chef Dave Anderson was the man behind the Beyond Burger, and he’s brought his expertise to bear for Outstanding Foods. Finding plant-based alternatives to meals traditionally heavy on meats and animal byproducts has been the driving theme of Chef Dave Anderson’s entire career. It’s earned him the attention of names as varied as Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Gates. Anderson’s mission is at the very heart of the Outstanding Foods experience.

Creative Takes on Traditional Recipes

The very idea of vegan pork rinds might sound like a contradiction. After all, these traditionally decadent snacks are created by frying pork fat. Nothing about that says either healthy or vegan. But Pig Out redefines what pork rinds mean by taking frying and pork out of the recipe. Pig Out is made entirely from plant-based protein that’s baked, and it’s free of GMOs, soy, cholesterol, and glutens. It also has a quarter of the sodium and a third of the saturated fat.

The result is a snack that tastes like pork rinds despite having more protein and less sodium and cholesterol than most chips and other snacks sitting on the grocery store shelf. Outstanding Foods’ other brand – Take Out – offers a similarly unique and vegan spin on a treasured snack. Take Out is a spin on traditional rice or corn puffs that provides the advantages of a full meal packed into a snack. Each bag offers a healthy source of protein and a third of your daily vitamins.

Flavors for the Whole Family

If you have a large family, you likely understand the frustration of finding snacks that everyone will enjoy. That’s not a concern with Outstanding Foods. Their two products come in four unique flavors, which means that you can find something that suits everyone in the household. With combinations as varied as nacho cheese, pizza, and salt and vinegar, you can mix and match to your heart’s delight.

An Ethical Approach to Food Production

Ethical food production is at the root of what Outstanding Foods is doing. That’s good, as most parents want to leave the world a better place for their children. Both PigOut and TakeOut are designed as sustainable products intended to leave as small an ecological footprint behind as possible. That includes their supply chain – transparency that extends from the farmers that grow their crops to the customers at the other end of the supply chain. That authenticity and passion – combined with the delicious and healthy products they offer – makes them a vegan snacks brand your family can be proud to endorse.