Different Types of Websites and Their Costs

Types of Websites and Their Costs

If you are looking for a website but are not sure about the pricing of website development services then, you should scroll through this article to know more about the vivid types of online platforms and the tentative budget associated with them. Check out https://www.allianceinteractive.com/website-maintenance/ for more information.

Business Websites

It is a site that aims to represent the corporate side of your overall business. It is viewed as a diverse Website type. It communicates the types of products/services a business generally offers. You may also enhance the functionality of these sites to give your customers a better user experience. They can easily log in to the site and download documents relevant to them. The purpose of such sites is to give a brand identity. Whenever any prospective client searches for your company’s products or services online and seeks more information, the website will be the medium for them to get your contact details. Some of the most commonly used tools for creating an online business portfolio cover WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc. To calculate website cost, do include the factors like website hosting, overall development, and SEO.
Average cost
$10 to $100+ per month.

Portfolio Websites

Such websites assist in showcasing the work of creative individuals like writers, artists, designers, etc. They are counted under the category of brochure sites, where it is easy to add galleries. In short, creating a portfolio site essentially means showing the example of past works to the relevant clients. Any creative individual, like a graphic designer or a photographer, can design this website. In contrast, some take web design services to create a site where they can demonstrate their skill. It’s an alternative to a business site that several excellent professionals use based on their profession. Average cost:
Free to $30 per month are charged.

E-com Platforms

An e-commerce website is a platform that enables you to purchase and sell physical items, digital products, and services over the internet. You should be familiar with all of the legal policies needed for the platform before you begin your eCommerce business endeavor.
If you’re looking to sell your products online, it is advisable to go for an Ecommerce site. Make sure that the payment gateway used is of good credibility, plus the UI / UX of the website is intuitive so that users find it easy to shop. To make your platform secure, don’t forget to add an SSL certificate. Average Cost
$30 to $300 per month.

Content Websites (Blogs, News Websites)

If you are a blogger looking to publish a blog post every month or looking to produce hundreds of news articles every week, whatever be the idea of your content site, but the underlying motive is to improve traffic and Alexa ranks. Such a website consists of pre-design templates that are ideal for reviewing. Using these templates, you can modify the functionality of several pages or change the overall look and theme. Sometimes, the cost of such a platform lies in the implementation and the designing part, and it can cost you thousands of bucks. The popular CMS or the Content Management System are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so on. Several bloggers and brands choose these platforms to build a content site for their work and increase traffic.
Average cost:
Free to $200+ per month.

Landing Pages

If you’re a digital marketer who has used website building services, the more likely it is that you’ll wonder why a single page is so much more costly than the whole site. The answer lies in the fact that landing pages are the organization’s face, plus you add analytics to it. Be it heat map, A / B testing, dynamic text replacement, high-value part, etc.; it is necessary to tie these campaigns to get the desired conversions.
Average cost
$25 to $1,000+ per month

Final Thoughts

With the development of software tools, creating a website is very simple. However, you must first determine your site development requirements, features and match them to a tool with which you are familiar.