Is Examsnap Microsoft AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Certification Test Worth Your Attention? Can Exam Dumps Help You Succeed?

When we talk about Cloud computing, there is one concept that most people do not always pay close attention to – security. Securing your Cloud infrastructure deployment is as important as ensuring that the deployment runs efficiently. When the hackers are always looking for loopholes to explore, it is paramount for the organizations to heavily invest in the security of their Azure infrastructure. This is where the Examsnap AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies certification exam comes into play. This test ascertains that you have competence in implementing threat protection and security controls. Please read to the end to learn more.

Important Details

The individuals preparing to take this certification exam are required to have expertise in the matters related to the implementation of security controls and threat protection. They also need to demonstrate their ability to manage identity & access as well as protect networks, applications, and data. Passing Examsnap Microsoft AZ-500 makes you an Azure Security Engineer who possesses the knowledge that is needed to maintain security posture, explore security tools to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, respond to security incidences, and implement threat protection. Those professionals do not work in isolation. You will have to collaborate with a larger team focused on Cloud-based management and security.

The target audience for this exam is those individuals who have an interest in Cloud security and possess the relevant knowledge & experience in scripting as well as automation. Furthermore, they should perform a deep understanding of networking and virtualization. Additionally, these candidates are familiar with Azure products and services, Cloud concepts, as well as other Microsoft products & services.

Key Features

The ExamSnap exam evaluates the students’ proficiency in Microsoft Azure technology, focusing on the skills that are highlighted as the following:

  • Managing identity and access
  • Implementing platform protection
  • Managing security operations
  • Securing data and applications

The total number of the exam questions range from 40 to 60. They are presented in the multiple-choice and multiple-response formats. This test is available in different languages, such as English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. The fee is $165 in the USA, plus $15 for those individuals whose job is impacted by COVID-19.

You can schedule the Microsoft AZ-500 exam through Pearson VUE. The candidates can have online registration and choose to take the test either from a physical center sponsored by the Pearson VUE platform or from their home. If you decide to sit for it from your home, make sure that the room is empty and all electronic gadgets are set aside.

Alluring Advantages

Taking the ExamCollection AZ-500 VCE Exams to become an Azure Security Engineer benefits your career in several ways:

  • Start a new career path If you have always desired a career in Cloud computing, this is one of the best ways to enter this field.
  • Negotiate for higher pay The professionals with the know-how to secure Azure resources are rare. You can set yourself apart by obtaining the associated certification, subsequently negotiating for better salaries at work.
  • Secure your job – As a valuable resource to your organization, the company will do all it takes to keep you around.


As you have seen from this guide, you can gain more than lose by taking the Microsoft AZ-500 exam. It not only validates your expertise, but also provides you with valuable skills as you prepare.