JD Logistics Announces Upgrade to its Brand Imaging

Jd Logistics is a transportation and logistics company that specializes in Truckload and Less Than Truckload (LTL) services. Founded in 2012, the company recently announced an upgrade in its organizational structure, vision, mission and brand imaging with an end goal of becoming one of the top logistics and supply chain companies in the world.

A statement released to company employees by the CEO of JD logistics, Zhenhui Wang, stated that their company has played a key role in logistics becoming “infrastructure for the whole society and the basic way to link people to a better life.” Wang continues to discuss how the digital age has brought increased consumption among the general population. With this increase in consumption and technology, same-day delivery has become a standard practice in China. Wang also mentions the impressive accomplishments of the company, such as over 750 large warehouses and the delivery of over 50 million tons of products to the world. Their logistics company now services 100% of China’s mainland. Additionally, the company has employed over 200,000 individuals from China to provide fast and high-quality customer service from start to end.

Wang goes on to address how the company has become the impressive brand that they are currently. First, he emphasizes how long-term commitment and persistence have helped to increase the efficiency and productivity of the logistics company. Each part of the logistics and delivery process, from beginning to end, takes a special commitment to quality customer service and efficient transportation. Second, he points out how completing the normal, day-to-day operations have helped the company to thrive. By operating throughout the Chinese New Year and providing fast service, the company has made high quality delivery and service a standard. Third, Wang highlights the importance of team-work to continue to build the company. By opening up the range of their company services and expanding to serve more and more customers, Wang emphasizes that it is extremely important to continue a “customer first” approach featuring high quality support.

Wang then discusses the way that JD logistics is upgrading their vision, structure and brand imaging. The new vision of the company is to “become the most trusted service provider of supply chain infrastructure” through excellent customer service and support. Their new mission, to be “powered by technology for global efficient circulation and sustainable development” focuses on growing the company in a sustainable manner. The organizational structure of the company will focus around 7 regions nationwide in China. By doing this, the company aims for sustainable growth and high-quality service. Finally, Wang announced an upgrade to its brand imaging, focused on a younger, more technology-driven image. He explains that their logo “JDL” represents JD.com combined with the “L” for “logistics.” The “L” also stands for key aspects to the company: Lead, Link, Less and Love.

Wang concludes by promising employees even better years to come for the JD brand. By focusing on high quality products and customer service, Wang addresses the company’s upcoming focus on technology in the digital age. To conclude, Wang emphasizes the company’s goal to become one of the world’s top supply chain and logistics companies.