Awesome Presents to Get When In Seoul

When we are abroad, we always buy gifts for our family and friends. South Korea is a great place to visit, and it’s even greater when you choose one attractive and meaningful gift for your loved ones. If someone in your loved circle is a fan of Korean items, you can understand how much they will love anything you buy from the country.

But hold on, choosing a gift is never an easy task, and when it is Korea, we are talking about selecting things that become harder with the variety and versatility of the products. Items that present Korean culture are unique and attractive; many things like pottery can be used in daily life. One plus thing about Korean souvenirs is that the gift recipient will love them, whether they are Korean things lovers or not.

Whether you are looking for gifts for your family or your friends, choose from traditional or modern Korean items and become a part of their cheerful memories. Here in this blog, we have gathered a list of 5 awesome presents to get when in Seoul, Korea, for your loved ones.


Wondering what Bojagi is? It is Korean traditional clothes that are usually used for wrapping. The cloth was commonly used in Joseon Dynasty, but with time it is now recognized as a piece of art and used as decoration.

While there are no common things to be used these days, the Bojagi make a great traditional gift. It can add colors to your loved one place and also use them functionally.

Korean Jewelry Box

Jewelry or jewelry box makes a great gift, and it becomes more adorable when you buy Boseok-ham (a traditional Korean Jewelry box) for your loved ones. Mostly the Book-Ham is available in black color, and they are adorned with beautiful designs with Korean animals like tigers, cranes, cats. Sometimes you will find the box with mountain views and lake sceneries. The box’s material is pearl, and the inside has a velvet and wood frame.

Hanji – Korean Fans

Hanji, or what we know as Korean fans, are highly known for their beauty, quality, and practical use. The fans are attractive decorations and practical items to carry. It can protect against the sun or cool down the body heat. The fan is made of bamboo, and the top parts are silk or handmade fabric. There are attractive designs on its top, which make it look pretty. The fans are foldable, which makes them easy to carry.

Korean Pottery

Korean pottery is unique and different from others in both design and material. The traditional Korean pottery is Cheong-ja and green is the popular color. Korean celadon is popular for its beauty and high quality and makes an excellent gift.

Korean Tea

Organic Korean tea is deliciously healthy and available in lots of varieties. If someone in your loved one is a tea fan, it can make a great gift for them from Korea. Nokcha (green tea), Jakseolcha are among the famous teas you can buy as a gift.

There is a long list of gifts you can buy from Korea; modern mugs with Korean designs, K-pop products, rice cakes, ramen are among a few of them.

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