Guide to Types and Varieties of Nashi or Asian Pear

Guide to Types and Varieties of Nashi or Asian Pear

Asian pears are real pears, even if they look more like apples. Asian pears or nashi is yellow-green fruit that has a round shape and plump texture that you might have the urge to cup them in your hands and just stare at their lightly speckled skin for a minute before you … Read more

Guide to Growing Green Onions

Green onions, or sometimes called spring onions or scallions is one of the most versatile vegetables in the world. You can use it to garnish your food or make it a part of your salad. There are a handful of ways you can consume this vegetable. And the best thing about green … Read more

Peppers, hot chili, green, raw

녹색고추 Chili peppers are used in a wide variety of Korean dishes. Substitute: Red chili peppers (for heat) or Sweet chili peppers, Green bell peppers (for color) Recipes Using This Ingredient Recipes – Braised Monk Fish, Agu Jjim 아구찜 Ban Chan – Green Pepper Kimchi Recipes – Haejangguk – 해장국 (Korean “hangover” … Read more

Onions, green, spring or scallions (includes tops and bulb), raw

Common Name: Scallions, pa, green onion 파 Recipes Using This Ingredient Ban Chan – Pajeon (Korean Green Onion Pancake) Ban Chan – Haemul Pajeon (Korean Seafood Pancake) Ban Chan – Kimchi Buchim (Kimchi Pancake) Royal Cuisine – Yuk Hoe (Seasoned Raw Beef) Soups & Stocks – Yukejon (Korean Spicy Beef Soup) Soups … Read more