Top 3 Vietnamese dishes for esteemed guests

Found between the fringes of Cambodia, the South of China and the beautiful landscapes of Laos, Vietnam is a place that is known for its striking scenery. From lavish rice patios in the north and to the pleasant green valleys of the Central Highlands, the rich delta and wonderful seashores of the south. Vietnam is remembered for its blend and blasting urban areas, village towns, provincial towns, conventional towns, and beautiful islands.

Vietnam has not always enjoyed the amazing lifestyle, peace and tranquillity they have today. They suffered a lot of misfortune in the past. As they got colonized by China for over a thousand years and later they became a protectorate under France in the 19th century, after which they had their independence and also experienced the Vietnamese War which claimed many lives and caused a lot of destruction. Vietnam today is not as miserable and is a beautiful country and there’s no doubt why. It is not only just famous for defending themselves for their independence, yet for its amazing scenery and history. Vietnam is known for being a mainstream location for vacation as a result of its rich culture, amazing beaches, its way of life, friendly people, and delicious cuisine. The country is additionally known for its coffee, rice terraces, and floating markets. When you hear about food in Vietnam, all that comes to your mind is their traditional Pho meal. Vietnamese cuisine ranges from foods and beverages, each of which has unique ingredients and flavours.

One thing that is admirable about Vietnamese cuisine is greens and the minimal use of oil and dairy in cooking. Their reliance on herb recipes makes for very healthy meals, low in sugar and gluten-free. Their cuisine too is diversified given its history with France and its array of dishes. Here are three Vietnamese dishes for esteemed guests.


How about we start with Pho which is one of the most renown Vietnamese dishes. If you’ve been to Vietnam or is planning to go to Vietnam, this is a must-try. It is served in almost all Vietnamese celebrations and it is a go-to meal even for the most esteemed guests. It is a classic Vietnamese dish, overall. Despite the fact that there is a variety of foreign cuisine gaining the attention of locals in Vietnam, a huge number of bowls of phở are served on a daily basis. Pho is the most Vietnamese meal ever. It is the traditional meal for the people of Hanoi. For the people of this region, the most traditional approach to start their day is with a bowl of warm meat chicken noodle soup or chicken noodle soup. Pho is eaten not only during breakfast, but it is also enjoyed during lunch and supper as well because it is almost impossible to say no to a bowl of pho. One good thing about this meal is that it is a characteristic afterparty and influenza relieves food. Local people eat Pho with a spoon and a couple of chopsticks. You can just go ahead and hold the spoon with your preferred hand and chopsticks with the other. Pho is normally presented with raw spices, sprouts, bean, basil, a wedge of lime, lettuce, cleaved stew peppers or bean stew sauce and fish sauce.

Nem Ran

This is one of the most famously eaten dishes during the Vietnamese new year. It is fried spring rolls. This dish is very reputable in Vietnam, and the people from the north to south regions of the country love it. There is absolutely no doubt that this dish is found in all Vietnamese local restaurants and even intercontinental restaurants, and is often reserved for esteemed guests in Vietnam.

In fact, Nem Ran has more or less been adopted by businessmen as THE dish to serve to a guest. For example, whenever there is a VIP business partner coming in for a meeting, Nem Ran is always present. One funny story about this is that when the Vietnamese casino companies were welcoming Western business partners, they kind of overdid it a bit with the Nem Ran. Regardless, the partners enjoyed the VIP status and the dish so much they even incorporated it in one of the best VIP casinos online that was created after the partnership.

Nem Ran is a wrapped stuffing and sauce. The wrap is made with rice flour and flat dried pepper and can be shaped in squares and circles. In the stuffing, is a mix of spices, herbs and a variety of other key ingredients. A few spots use fish or meat rather than minced pork. Various regions have dietary plans, so depending on the dietary pattern of a given region and an individual’s preferred flavour, seafood, minced beef, or minced pork can be used. Regardless of which seasonings you use, all are blended well and afterwards are wrapped with rice paper into little rolls. These rolls are then fried until they have a yellow shading. You can make the sauce for this dish with bean stew, pepper, sugar, and lemon juice.

Nem Ran is normally presented with rice, red sticky rice, noodles and salad. It is commonly made by Vietnamese during the lunar new year because it is amazingly tasty and looks incredibly great. Also, it is exceptionally simple to make Nem Ran at home, regardless of whether you are an expert cook or not.

Bun Cha

Just like Pho, Bun Cha is a Hanoi delicacy. However, its popularity is known everywhere in Vietnam. This is a go-to meal for tourists, as well as Vietnamese coming from other territories, and when they go to Hanoi. It is a very delicious meal and is always recommended to visitors in the city.

Bun Cha is a blend of warm stock with Vietnamese noodle and grilled minced pork. There are various dishes that are cooked using Vietnamese noodles, yet this one is extraordinary and has a novel taste, which generally comes from the stock and the pork. Bun cha is served on the table with a plate of rice noodles, a bowl of warm stock with chopped grilled pork, and a little crate of green spices. The proper way to eat the meal is by putting some rice noodles into the stock and eating it with barbecued pork. You can ask for more grilled pork if you enjoy it. It is good to avoid putting in all the noodles at once because it is going to cool out the stock rapidly. There is a salty taste in the stock which comes from boiling the pork and barbecued pork, which is very appealing. Bun cha is available everywhere around Hanoi, restaurants and food stores.