Great Accessories to Have While Playing GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V, better known for its acronym GTA V, is arguably one of the most popular video games today, and its fame even in the 2020s is quite surprising considering that it was originally released in 2013. Part of its lasting popularity is attributed to its Online Mode, wherein players can customize their avatar and play an almost unlimited array of missions that is constantly updated and expanded by Rockstar Games. For those who are just starting to get into the bandwagon of playing GTA V for PC, we are here to help or guide you with knowing which accessories and peripherals to buy in order to enhance your gaming experience. The list that will be indicated below is fairly general, so it is up to your which brand or model you choose. So, without further ado, here are the great accessories to have while playing GTA V.

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Wired Gaming Mouse

There is a common misconception among newbies that a wireless mouse is much better than a wired mouse since you don’t have to deal with tangling cables and connection issues, but the disadvantages of the wireless mouse are much more prominent for gaming than its advantages. The main con that you will notice while using a wireless mouse is that it has an input lag, meaning that whenever you click on the mouse, its input may not show up until after a few milliseconds. This input lag can be disadvantageous for gaming, especially when you want to aim at an enemy as quickly as possible and pull the trigger immediately. For a wired mouse, you won’t need to worry about input lag, as it has a more stable connection to your PC when compared to a wireless mouse that may rely on Bluetooth or a wireless adaptor. So, use a wired mouse for gaming to have an accurate aim.

Gaming Headphones with Microphone

A pair of gaming headphones is what you will need if you want to feel more immersed in the game you are playing. Having headphones that support HD audio and surround sound is great for gaming, as it will allow you to pick even the tiniest bit of noise in the game, which is helpful if you are spotting hidden enemies or items. Much like with the wired mouse, a wired pair of headphones is significantly better for gaming than its wireless counterpart as it produces a more accurate sound quality without any lags. However, you would have to deal with a cable dangling near your neck and shoulders if you are going to buy wired headphones, but you would quickly get used to it while playing GTA V.

Wired Gaming Keyboard

Similar to any other wired peripherals and accessories, a wired keyboard is much more suitable for gaming purposes than a wireless keyboard. Similar to the mouse, a wired keyboard doesn’t have any input lag that may delay your movement in the game, so you will be sure that your immersion in GTA V and other video games downloaded on APK Dyno will be improved if you use a wired keyboard. However, the problem with using a lot of wired peripherals is that you would need to organize their cables so that you won’t trip over or get tangled on them. Get some cable organized and know how to properly organize your cables to keep your PC table neat and tidy.

HD Monitor

Of course, you wouldn’t enjoy playing games on your PC if you don’t have an HD monitor, which can fully showcase how well your CPU produces the high-quality and high-definition graphics of the video game you are playing. There are thousands of different HD monitors for you to choose from, and they often come in different price points, so you wouldn’t run out of HD monitors to pick no matter how big or small your budget is. The trendiest type of HD monitor you can buy are the curved monitors, which provide an optimal viewing experience that shows you a clear view of all areas of the screen. The curved monitor is beneficial for gaming, as you will be able to closely see if there are enemies or items on the side of the screen. Unfortunately, curved monitors are still quite expensive, so you may need to save up plenty of money to buy one.

Controller or Joystick

Many PC gaming beginners started playing games on consoles, so they may not be used to utilizing a mouse and keyboard for gaming. So, the best way for them to have fun in playing PC games like GTA V is to have a controller or joystick that is similar to the ones that they use for consoles. Wired joysticks are much better to use for PC gaming than wireless ones, although wired controllers would tend to have short cables. Pick out the controller that would best suit your preferences so that you don’t have to worry about comfort and just focus on your gameplay.

Getting most of these accessories would truly enhance your experience in playing GTA V, as the peripherals would provide you with better control of your character and a better view of where your avatar is in the video game. Whether you are on a relatively tight budget or have a lot of money to spend, you will find great accessories for your gaming PC that will improve your gameplay and immersion.