Saengseonjeon – Pan Fried Fish Patties

Saengseonjeon - Pan Fried Fish Patties

생선전 Another variation of Jeon. Crab, Krab, lobster, mashed shrimp, clams, oysters, or other seafood may substituted for fish. Recipe Type: Appetizer, Ban Chan, Korean, Seafood, Snack Ingredients 1 pound “white meat” boneless fish fillets (Flounder, halibut, sole, etc) 1/4 cup egg batter 1 cup dredge mix salt pepper vegetable oil to … Read more

Mul Kimchi – Water Kimchi

Mul Kimchi - Water Kimchi

물 김치 Mul Kimchi is a favorite during hot weather. The chilled water kimchi has a delightful taste, and the cool or cold liquid is refreshing. Ingredients 1 small daikon radish (1 to 1 1/2 lbs) 1 white napa cabbage (young Napa or napa with green leaves removed about 1/2 lbs) 2 … Read more