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Welcome to hannaone.com

This site is dedicated primarily to Korean cuisine and some culture. There is some general food related history as well as brief histories of a few specific dishes. There are a fair number of Korean recipes posted here which were developed and used in either my former Korean restaurant, in my home, or gathered from my mother in law's vast knowledge of Korean home cooking.
The recipes cover soups, side dishes (banchan), Korean grilled foods (Korean BBQ), stir fry, snacks, main dishes, Royal Cuisine, fried treats, sweets, beverages, and desserts.

You will also find a glossary of Korean dishes and foods, and an ingredient dictionary which includes nutritional information where available.

There is a section which lists locations of many Asian groceries throughout the United States, as well as a few in several other countries.

You can also browse the entertainment section of the site which includes Korean Drama, both contemporary and historical, and books that I have enjoyed and recommend. There are links to Amazon.com for some of these for those interested in purchasing them.

There is also a set of pages that contain links to various government (U.S. federal, state, and city) employment sites.

Feel free to check out the different sections of this site, and I hope that you find something useful and enjoyable.


Korean Food And Culture:

Introduction to Korean Cuisine and Culture
Over the centuries Korea's culture and cuisine has been influenced by it's geography and neighbouring cultures. Surrounded on three sides by ocean, the coastal areas of rolling hills and plains are rich in seafood while the rugged....(read more)

Entertainment And Relaxation:

Everyone needs a chance to relax and have some fun or maybe just personal time. Reading, watching movies, outdoor recreation, theme/amusement parks, or an occasional visit to a fun casino are all chances for some serious down time....(read more)

Government Job Links

This page is intended as an aid to people looking for civil service careers with City, County, State, and Federal governments. Click on the state you are interested....(read more)

Weight Equivalents
Looking at recipes and trying to determine how much of an ingredient is needed can be hard. How much is a bunch? How many eggs in a cup? How many onions to a cup? Garlic to a tablespoon? What's that in ounces? Some answers here....

This site is under constant developement and new areas will be added as they are researched and completed.