Do you Need Special Equipment for Korean Recipes?

Do you Need Special Equipment for Korean Recipes

Making Korean cuisine at home may be an intimidating prospect first. But, if you know how to sear your meat and saute vegetables with the harmony of flavors, you could go all in to prepare a Korean feast yourself. With hopping on flights to Seoul being no option and restaurants being expensive, … Read more

Types of Cooking Utensils and their roles

Types of Cooking Utensils and their roles

History of kitchen utensils is nearly 3 million years old. As the archaeological records tell us, the stone age was followed by bronze and then by iron age. This era eventually produced more useful utensils for food preparation. Things really started to change in the 8th century with the start of the … Read more

Healthy Choices in Korean Cooking

Healthy Choices in Korean Cooking

The culture of every country is not just different from the other in many ways, but it also reflects the food traditions of a respective nation. Here we are going to talk about Korean food that is originated from Korea and became quite popular globally for all the right reasons.  About Korean … Read more

Health Benefits of Kimchi

Health Benefits of Kimchi

Growing vegetables all year round has never been possible. Therefore, people have developed several methods like pickling and fermentation to preserve their palatable delicacies worldwide. It is a process using enzymes for creating chemical changes in food.  One such food is the ever-famous Kimchi. Hailing from South Korea, Kimchi is a Korean … Read more

The History of Kimchi

The History of Kimchi

When it comes to popular pickled foods, Indians have achaar, Germans have sauerkraut, and Koreans have kimchi. The fiery fermented Kimchi from Korea is a living history in essence. It is the national dish of South Korea and dates back as far as two to three thousand years.  A harmonious combination of … Read more

An Introduction to Korean Cooking

An Introduction to Korean Cooking

Korean cuisines offer a beautiful harmony of flavors and colors with equally healthy nutrition. It also represents the flexibility of Korean culture that welcomes collaborating with multiple. Their cuisine is an embodiment of engaging, connecting and developing wonders.  From their fiery fermented Kimchi to the creamy Samgyetang soup and the ever-famous stir-fried … Read more

Major Aesthetics of Korean Cuisine

kimchi served on a small plate

Korean cuisine is highly regarded as one of the most beautiful cuisines in the world not only because of the amazing appearance of its food but also because of its close ties to the country’s culture. The different dishes in Korea were created with its culture in mind, which is why the … Read more

Characteristics of Korean Food Culture

bibimbap a popular Korean dish

Korean cuisine is diverse, as one can find many different ingredients used to make some of the best Korean dishes. Besides the ingredients, the diversity of Korean cuisine can also be found in the different cooking methods utilized to create spicy, sweet, and savory dishes. Despite being diverse, there are not a … Read more

What Substitutes Are There for Gochujang?

two ingredients used to make gochujang chili peppers and soy beans

Gochujang is a staple ingredient in many popular Korean dishes, particularly the spicy one. It is through the gochujang that these dishes get their distinct reddish color and spicy flavor, and without it, you wouldn’t even be able to call them authentic Korean dishes. Although gochujang can be found anywhere in Korea, … Read more

Number of Servings in a Handful of Green Onions

whole green onions

Green onions are often regarded as one of the most important ingredients in a variety of dishes created or invented around the world. The popularity of the green onion is mainly attributed to its attractive appearance that adds a vibrant green color to dishes, as well as its crunchy texture and unique … Read more

Measuring Lettuce and Greens for Recipes

lettuce on a bowl

Measuring vegetables can be pretty difficult, especially if you are reading a recipe book that indicates that you need a cup of a certain vegetable. When they read that specific part of the recipe, one question immediately comes to their minds: how do you measure a vegetable by cups? Although it could … Read more

How Many Strawberries Are in a Serving?

a bucket full of strawberries

Strawberries are quite popular among fruit lovers, as the fruit has a unique sweet and tangy flavor that cannot be replicated by other fruits. However, measuring them in order to be used for recipes can be quite difficult, and they are often more difficult to measure compared to some of the most … Read more