Weight Equivalents

Weight Equivalents: Radish

There is some disagreement as to where radishes originated. Sources say they originated in the eastern Mediterranian area, near the Caspian Sea, Northern China, or Southeast Asia. Today radishes are grown around the world in many different varieties. How much… Read more >

Weight Equivalents: Carrots

Carrots most likely originated in Persia (Iran, Afghanistan), and were also most likely first cultivated in that region. Carrots were originally grown for their leaves and seeds. Carrots have been selectively bred for centuries resulting in the common commercial carrot… Read more >

Weight Equivalents: Peas

Peas are native to West Asia (Afghanistan, Iran, Northwest India) and Northern Africa (Ethiopia). Peas were gathered by Roman Legionaires to supplement their rations How much do peas weigh? Peas, Snow, Edible Pod Common Names: snow pea, Chinese snow pea,… Read more >