Hannaone’s Ingredients

Korean food ingredients cover a wide spectrum of grains, legumes, vegetables, meats, fish and seafood, fruits and nuts, herbs, lichens, mushrooms, and more.

Rice is the prominent grain, and is served with almost every Korean meal. Rice is used in cookies, porridges, noodles, and rice cake (Tteok/Ddeok). Barley, buckwheat, wheat, and millet are used in noodles, cookies, cakes, dumplings, and can be added to cooked rice to change the flavor and appearance of plain rice.

Soy beans and Mung Beans are the most widely used legumes in Korea. Both are use to grow sprouts which are used in a variety of dishes. Soy beans are used to make soy sauce, tofu, and Doenjang (fermented bean paste), three items that are mainstay ingredients in Korean cuisine.

In this section you will find a list of Korean food ingredients with their nutritional values.


Acorn flour
Acorns, raw
Acorn Noodles
Flour, Adzuki bean, raw
Adzuki Beans, Dried, raw
Adzuki beans, cooked, boiled, without salt
Adzuki Beans, raw
Arrowroot flour
Asparagus, raw
Bae – Korean Pear
Baechu, raw
Bam, Raw
Barley flour or meal
Barley malt flour
Black Beans, cooked, with salt
Fungus, Black Tree ears, Dried
Mussel, Blue Mussel, cooked, moist heat
Bok Choy
Buchu, Leaves, boiled
Buckwheat Flour, Asian
Buckwheat Noodle, Wet, From Raw
Burdock root, cooked, boiled, without salt
Burdock root, raw
Cabbage, Napa, raw
Chestnuts, Chinese, Roasted
Chestnuts, Japanese, Raw
History of Chili Peppers in Korea
Chinese Chives, Leaves, boiled
Chinese Chives, Leaves, raw
Chinese quinces Raw
Chrysanthemum leaves, raw
Clam, mixed species, raw
Clam, mixed species, cooked, moist heat
Fungi, Cloud ears, dried
Finfish, cod, Pacific, raw
Crab, Blue Crab, raw
Crab, Flower Crab, raw
Cress, garden, raw
Crown Daisy, Raw
Crucian carp, Raw
Cucumber, peeled, raw
Cucumber, with peel, raw
Daeng Myeon
Dandelion greens, raw
Dasima – Kelp, Kombu
Domi – Red Snapper
Doragi, Balloon flower, Bellflower Root
Dotori Guksu
Dried Anchovies
Eel, raw
Eel, Freshwater
Egg, Chicken, raw, fresh
Egg, Duck, fresh, raw
Egg, Quail, raw
Ueong, raw
Fiddlehead ferns, raw
Fish Sauce, Thai
Flatfish (flounder and sole species), raw
Flatfish (flounder and sole species), cooked, dry heat
Garlic, raw
Ginger root, raw
Nuts, ginkgo nuts, raw
Gochu naeng-i gileum
Onions, green, spring or scallions (includes tops and bulb), raw
Japanese Angelica
Jujube, dried
Jujube, raw
Kim – gim (Roasted Laver)
Ueong, raw
Kiwi fruit, (chinese gooseberries), fresh, raw
Kkotge, raw
Korean Parsley
Leeks, (bulb and lower leaf-portion), raw
Lettuce, looseleaf, raw
Lettuce, red leaf, raw
Lotus root, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt
Mackerel, Pacific and jack, mixed species, cooked, dry heat
Mackerel, Pacific and jack, mixed species, raw
Maesil-cha – Plum Tea
Maesil – Japanese Plum
Monkfish, cooked, dry heat
Monkfish, raw
Mugwort Leaves, Raw
Mung Bean Noodle
Mung Bean sprouts, raw
Mushroom, Coral – Ssari beoseot
Mushrooms, enoki, raw
Mushrooms, Maitake, Raw
Mushrooms, oyster, raw
Pine Mushroom
Mushrooms, raw
Mushroom, shiitake, raw
Mushrooms, shiitake, dried
Myeolchi jangguk – Anchovy Broth
Napa Cabbage Kimchi
Noodle, Daeng Myeon
Nuts, chestnuts, chinese, raw
Nuts, ginkgo nuts, raw
Nuts, pine nuts, dried
Octopus, common, cooked, moist heat
Onions, raw
Oyster, Pacific Oyster, cooked, moist heat
Oyster, Pacific Oyster, raw
Pacific saury Raw
Pat 팥
Pears, asian, raw
Pears, Chinese, Raw
Peppers, hot chile, sun-dried, ground
Peppers, hot chili, green, raw
Peppers, hot chili, red, raw
Perilla, Leaves, Raw
Perilla seeds Dried
Persimmons, japanese, raw
pork belly
Potato flour
Potatoes, red, flesh and skin, raw
Potatoes, russet, flesh and skin, raw
Radish, Korean
Radishes, Ponytail
Red Pepper Leaves
Rice Wine
Roasted Laver
Seoyang Hobak
Shrimp, cooked
Spinach, raw
Squid, cooked, fried
Squid, raw
Squid, Dried
Ssukgat, Raw
Starch, Sweet Potato
Ueong, raw
Wasabi Oil
yeolmu – Young Summer Radish